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Simply Social Dancing Classes:

Private, group and social dance lessons in Hackensack, NJ

I can teach you how to dance

You find yourself sitting at a party, watching a couple dancing.

They glide around the floor effortlessly together.
It looks so appealing!

Yet you know there is no way you will unglue yourself from the chair and dance.

The music calls to you. It makes you want to move. You feel inhibited or too incompetent to join in.

We all dance, even if only privately.

It feels good to express ourselves when the music moves us.

Social dancing offers the experience of dancing with a partner.

Together you create a dance unique to the two of you in response to the music playing.

Because we know you have rhythm in your soul, And your heart wants to dance!

Why Choose
Simply Social Dancing?

  • Experienced instructor

  • Focus on Social Dancing

  • Locally owned

  • Private Instruction

  • Group classes

  • Variety of Dances

  • Dinner & Dance Events

  • Personalized Wedding Dance

What Clients
Say About Us:

  • She was able to make what seemed to be a great challenge, a very simple and fun task. You can't do that without skills, knowledge and the ability to translate that to our four left feet. Thank you Lisa and thank you Simply Social Dancing.
    Andrea and Mark (from Lincoln Park, NJ)
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